You Can Save Money

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YOU can save money!

It can seem like a pure joy of happiness whenever you save money, right? I know that I feel a different kind of joy whenever I save money! Let’s face it, we all hate paying bills and spending money when we wish we could save money; but this is what makes the world go around.

There are so many different options and ways for you to save and over time it will help. There are not any guaranteed ways to make money or save money since it goes out as quickly as it comes it. However, I have found that small little ways of saving money makes me feel great, and it can for you too!

You have to be smart about your money. Double think every little purchase. Do you really need it, or do just want it? It is in your budget? Do you have a savings account if something were to happen that you need money for right away? Ask yourself these questions and plan!

I can tell you my biggest problem is grocery shopping. My goodness I go and buy stuff because I have a coupon or because I think I need it. Then I come home and already have five in the cupboard. Right there that is a huge problem!!! Look before you shop and stick to it!!! Seriously. It’s hard, but you can do it! Groceries are so expensive! I hate it with a burden. I make sure to bring coupons with me so that I feel good about saving. Every little penny helps! Clip coupons every Sunday, make it a virtual to do it.

Along with that I make sure that I know where I am going grocery shopping. Many times shops have rewards cards where you can get ‘discounts’ or load items that you want to purchase and are on sale. I find that this is perfect for me. I have the list emailed to me so I can just add items to my list that are on sale. The problem is making sure that you purchase things you truly need.

Always start your grocery list with the items you need first. For example, you know you are out of ketchup, onions, etc. Keep an ongoing list during the week when something is out or pops into your head. So add those items first, then go look around and see what you are getting low on. Then look at the coupons or sale items and see if they match up. It’s a science. If you think you need it, you more than likely don’t and will spend extra money.

I also have found that my grocery list is always almost pretty similar. So I keep the same lists from previous weeks to see what I need. This helps me stay focused on items that I need, plus it saves me time and money so I don’t have to re do the list!

When I actually go shopping I check items off! When your list is pretty similar like mine is from week to week it becomes natural to just flow through the aisles picking up each item that you know is on the list and check it off.

Along with that cooking dinner, or meals, can seem like a burden. You don’t need to have a ‘fancy’ meal all the time. Make it work with what you have in the cupboards! Use things up and be creative! Things expire; put the things that expire in the front so you have to use them first! This can be a huge saving. Do you know how much stuff I have to throw away weekly because it expires? Even fruits or vegetables go fast, so you have to use them quickly. Blend them in a blender and make a smoothie before they go bad. Make the best of your items!

When you think you need to go grocery shopping and have no food in the fridge or freezer, you want to order out. No. Check those cupboards, you might have some pasta, or soup, or canned goods. Use those items up and mix them all together. Be creative and use up what you have!

Enough with grocery shopping here are other ways to save, and make money:

  • Receipt Hog: This is an app you can download. Basically you aren’t saving any money on this, you are making money! All you do is literally upload any and every little receipt you have. You gain points here and once you reach a certain amount you can get a gift card or paypal!
  • Coin Jar: I hate change. I hate how it sits in my car or in my wallet. I make it a habbit to empty places out and put it in a coin jar. I have made $100 a month just from collecting change. All that money goes into my son’s account. It’s like I never see it or use it!
  • Ibotta: I LOVE this app. I am sure most know about this app. You can look at coupons on your app before going grocery shopping. But this isn’t a coupon deal, you make money when you make a purchase. It is 0.20 here and there but if you are purchasing the item, why not just make money off it. It’s so easy. In 6 months I have made $100. It is transferred via paypal and is yours. I just turn it around and save it.
  • Ebates: This is another one of my favorites. Around the holiday time is the best time. I ordered a lot of gifts online! It gives you savings, plus earnings for your shopping. I have made some money off this. Every time I am about to purchase something online I check here first and get the sale plus make money. It’s a no brainer!
  • Buy in Bulk: I have a baby so I have started to shop at Sams Club. I have found that this has saved money! Things last WAY longer when you buy in bulk. As long as you are smart and know it’s a deal. I have brought paper towels and they last 2-4 months instead of weekly! I stock up on diapers, wipes, etc. The little things! I have shopped around and compared prices and found that for certain items like household goods this is the best option. I don’t need to run out every week and waste gas and money on getting household items!
  • Checkout 51: This is another great app. It is like Ibotta. It shows certain items that you can buy and make money back on. I have made some great money from here as well.

There are so many other ways to save, and even earn money! Every little bit helps and you need to know the ins and outs on how you can shop smart. It might not seem like $0.20 is a lot when you go to save but it adds up over time on each platform, trust me. That’s just extra money you can put away and save.

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momma beeMy name is Susie Liberatore, I am 27 years young! 😉 I have a son who is 7 months old named Antonio. He is quite the joy of my life! He is our first baby and I couldn’t be happier. My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years! I am from Rochester, New York; love the suburbs! I currently live in Nashville Tennessee and it has been quite the experience! I am a graphic designer, photographer, blogger and momma! Somehow I manage it all 😉  The name of my blog is Momma Bee Saving. You can find it on:








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