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MyCAA Approved Legal Nurse Consultant

MyCAA Approved Legal Nurse Consultant Program

The role of the Legal Nurse Consultant is to assess, examine and offer an opinion on the delivery of health care and its outcomes. A Legal Nurse Consultant is a registered nurse and for that reason, they are a unique and useful member of a litigation group. They make use of the solving skills needed in nursing in the practice of legal nurse consulting.

The nursing process requires assessment, analysis and issue identification, outcome identification, planning, implementation and evaluation. These processes are the basis of legal research and analysis, so you can see how you can adjust the abilities you have used in nursing to begin a brand-new and fulfilling profession as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

Legal Nurse Consultants practice within many areas of civil and criminal litigation. You can practice independently or work in a law firm on cases including medical malpractice, accident, toxic tort and product liability. You might work as a case manager for an insurance business or a health maintenance organization. Health centers ambulatory care centers and clinics use Legal Nurse Consultant as the primary investigators of potential and filed claims involving clients who were hurt throughout the course of their medical treatment.

The MyCAA Approved Legal Nurse Consultant online program offers a foundation in legal study, legal writing, litigation and trial practice, and examines the roles of Legal Nurse Consultants in a range of practice environments and legal areas.

Upon successful completion of the MyCAA approved Legal Nurse Consultant program, student nurses will have the ability to:

  • Identify primary and secondary sources of the law;
  • Use study tools and strategies essential to find the law;
  • Prepare written legal analysis identifying problems in a case, the guideline of law, application, counterarguments and conclusions;
  • Prepare expert legal documents;
  • Establish case files;
  • Interview professionals or witnesses;
  • Carry out examinations and demonstrate a broad knowledge of tort litigation practice, law and treatment;
  • Explain the Legal Nurse Consultant’s function in professional carelessness, product liability, hazardous tort, and criminal litigation;
  • Evaluate medical records and case analysis;
  • Describe the Legal Nurse Consultant’s duty in the insurance industry and in risk management;
  • Describe the ethics, professionalism, and requirements of practice for Legal Nurse Consultants;
  • Design a company and advertising plan for a legal nurse consulting business.

Several Legal Nurse Consultants decide to begin their own legal nurse consulting business. The course offers guidance on business concepts that includes: how to begin a consulting business, the best ways to compose a company and advertising plan, the best ways to grow a consulting business, and basic company practices, and principles. As the final task for the course, students compose their own advertising strategy and business plan.

This Legal Nurse Consultant program is not a degree level program. The courses completed within this program earn college credit and might be qualified to move into an associate degree program at Brighton College.

Read the full course outline here.

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