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The unemployment rate has finally dropped to 9.5% A according to Google’s public data !  Wonderful news for the country but for Military spouse jobs unemployment rate is three times that of their civilian counterparts. The causes are many; employers don’t want to hire a military spouse who is likely to move in 2-4 years, every PCS involves leaving the tenure and experience gained at previous employment, and it;s difficult to work while you’re spouse’s schedule is unpredictable for child care and other household obligations.

Military spouse jobs are hard to come by

Gainful employment is twice as challenging for military spouses to find and we need to try three times harder.  Here’s what you can do to ensure you find a job/career as quickly as possible after your next PCS.

I know I said it before but a key to life as a military spouse jobs is networking.  Maximize your relationships by joining clubs & associations, volunteering and meeting as many people as possible.  Many jobs will come to you from networking, so every social exchange must be viewed as a networking opportunity.  Let people know you are on the hunt and what your skills are.  You’d be surprised at how many jobs people will inform you of if you put the word out.

Resources for Military Spouse Jobs

The Family Readiness Center for your service branch will offer military spouses job services. Check with them to find out what they offer at your installation.  Many branches offer classes on obtaining military spouse jobs through civil service jobs through  GS positions are desirable not only for the stability and excellent benefits but also for the hiring preference that is helpful in moves.

Many military spouses come to depend on or other national sites for their job hunting.  The truth is that each city probably favors local sites for advertising employment.  Often, these sites can be identified by examining the ads in the online version of the local newspaper classifieds.  Typically they will be linked to the career site favored by local business and establishing your profile on this site will be a key step in finding gainful employment.

When you do find a job/career remember that you are representing military spouses everywhere and your behavior will be remembered as such.  Military spouse jobs are not impossible to find just be persistent and know it can take some time.

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