Military Family Tips To Celebrate Thanksgiving

Many military families and newlyweds are often away from relatives during Thanksgiving. Whether you find yourself on the other side of the country, or unable to travel this year, take the opportunity to start some new Thanksgiving traditions, or just try something out of the ordinary.

military family Tips To Celebrate Thanksgiving for Military Family

  • Think Outside Your Inner Circle 

Typically, we limit our Thanksgiving to close family; perhaps you could open up your table to a military family who may be away from home as well. Not only will you brighten someone’s holiday that might otherwise spend Thanksgiving alone, you’ll give yourself and others a great opportunity to make some friends.

  • Nontraditional Feasts

Instead of braving the crowds at the grocery store, searching high and low for the last can of cranberry sauce, try your hand at some foreign cuisine. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, try adding Asian, Greek, Italian, or Mexican dishes to your traditional fare. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Or, you can forego cooking entirely and dine out. This is especially great for military couples without children. You can treat yourself to a holiday meal and have someone else do all the preparation and clean-up.

  • Volunteering: Pay It Forward

There’s no better way to begin your “day of thanks” than by serving those less fortunate than you. Starting the day with your family by heading over to your local soup kitchen is a valuable experience for children of all ages. Shelters, churches, and food banks can always use helping hands or extra supplies. Imagine all of the good you and your family could do; this is a tradition that will also enrich your community. You can also invite other military families to join you.

  • Go Outside!

Yes, most of us are more than willing to succumb to the “turkey-coma” that follows every traditional Thanksgiving, but many families are switching it up by spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and playing sports. Getting active pre- or post-meal will keep those holiday pounds at bay, and your waistline will thank you.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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