How to have a Date on a Budget

picnic basketEveryone should own a picnic basket.  I know what you’re thinking, just one more thing to move every two to four years that I’ll never use, but hear me out on this one.  When my spouse comes back from deployments, his mind is still on the desert, the mission, the troops or whatever else the military has had him doing.  For the duration of the post deployment time off, it’s all he thinks about, and then he goes back to work and the military needs here in the states occupy his thoughts.  But put him in the great outdoors and for just a second, it’s all gone.  Maybe it’s the birds, it could be the trees and the grass, or the mosquitoes and flys but whatever it is, it works.  Picnics are a key part of our reunion ritual in the summer time.  It’s a time for us to be regular people and forget the stresses of daily military life.  Your picnic doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, we’ve found that simpler is better.  And it’s a ritual you can take to every new location.  So go ahead, give it a try it’s only one extra moving box after all.

What’s your favorite date on a budget?

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