Eielson Air Force Base

Can you imagine for a moment being stationed at Eielson Air Force Base and having an encounter with an elk? Seems like an odd encounter for someone in the Air Force but if you are stationed at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, it can be a common occurrence.

Eielson Air ForceEielson Air Force Base

Eielson Air Force Base is located just 26 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. The nearest towns are Moose Creek and the village of North Pole. That’s right, just 8 miles away, the Christmas Spirit lives year round. The Eielson AFB host unit is the 354th Fighter Wing (354 FW) assigned to the Eleventh Air Force of the Pacific Air Forces.

In 2007, the base was taken off deployment. Its primary function now is to support Red Flag – Alaska. This important training mission simulates combat for joint U.S. Forces including offensive, interdiction, counter-air, close-air support and large-force training.

Eielson AFB has a wealth of recreation and sightseeing opportunities. Fairbanks has a population of about 88,000 and has any of the facilities you would find in any smaller city. Military families find plenty of hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and even dog mushing to keep them busy during off-duty hours.

Life at Eielson AFB

  • Temporary Lodging: The Goldrush Inn and the Sourdough Inn Temporary Lodging Facility are located on base for temporary and PCS stays.
  • Housing: You must visit the Housing Management Office (HMO) within two duty days of your arrival at Eielson AFB. The office will give mandatory counseling and guidance before you enter into any sales or rental agreement. Base housing is privatized through Corvias Military Living.
  • Medical Care: The 354th Medical Group is responsible for providing primary care under the TRICARE program for eligible beneficiaries. There is a dental clinic for active-duty military. Bassett Army Community Hospital at Fort Wainwright provides in-patient care.

Services for Dependent Children

  1. Anderson Elementary is for students grades kindergarten through 2. Anderson is named for Major Rudolph Anderson, Jr., an Air Force U-2 pilot who was the first to photograph Russian missile sites and the only casualty of the crisis.
  2. Crawford Elementary educates students from grades 3 through 6. It is named for Robert McArthur Crawford, a lifelong Fairbanks resident, who composed the official U.S. Air Force song known by its lyrics “Off we go into the wild blue yonder.”
  3. Ben Eielson Junior/Senior High School educates Eielson AFB military dependents from grades 7 through 12.

Did You Know?

Worried about the long hours of winter darkness? On the winter solstice, December 21, you can wake up late and still see the sunrise at 11 a.m. The sun sets at about coffee break time, 2:45 p.m. Take the opportunity to step outside during darkness. You will find the best Northern Lights show anywhere in the world. At the other end of the year, the sun shines about 22 hours a day in June.

Yes, Fairbanks can get cold occasionally, down to 60 degrees below zero F., but it doesn’t happen most winters and when it does, doesn’t last long. The winter weather does demand special care of your automobile. You will need an extra heat source to keep your engine from freezing. You will find electric outlets by parking spaces to plug in these heaters.

Education While Stationed at Eielson AFB

Good jobs are hard to find, particularly when moving from one duty station to another. Take advantage of the DoD two-year MyCAA scholarship.

MyCAA lets you study online and without interruption through PCS moves. Check out some of the careers you can study for and better yet, use your MyCAA funds to pay for training. Fill out the contact form and a career counselor will help you plan your brighter future.

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