Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama

coast guard mobile alabamaAlso known as the USCG ATC, the Coast Guard Aviation Training Center located in Mobile, Alabama is both a functioning air station and a training center. There are a number of these air stations located around the country. These stations serve to provide aircraft support for the United States Coast Guard and to train service members in the world of aviation.

Coast Guard members who train at the USCG ATC station can qualify as pilots for many of the military’s aircraft. This includes aircraft such as a HH-60 JayHawk, HC-144 Ocean Sentry, HC-130J Hercules, HC-130 Hercules and HH-65 Dolphin aircraft. Not only does the center train pilots, but it also runs proficiency courses each year for existing Coast Guard pilots. The goal of the air station in Mobile is to ensure that all members are up to date with the best possible equipment and air rescue tactics to ensure that every mission is a successful one. The USCG ATC located in Mobile is responsible for conducting search and rescue missions, working on Environmental Protection programs and maintaining Homeland Security, from the Louisiana border with Texas to the eastern edge of Florida. This places the air station within the tactical realm of the 8thCoast Guard District. The current Commanding Officer of the USCG ATC Mobile is Captain Thurman T. Maine.

The role of the United States Coast Guard is to protect the country’s maritime interests. Currently there are more than 42,000 men and women serving in the Coast Guard. The Guard is a unique mixture of military operations and civil operations. The Coast Guard was first established in 1915 and since then has worked to protect the citizens of the Unites States from maritime attacks and to aid in the recovery of people along the country’s coast. The motto of the US Coast Guard is “Always Ready”

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