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What Does a Paralegal Do?

    You’ve probably heard of a paralegal before, but what does a paralegal do? Here is a list of several things that would typically be expected of them: Investigate the facts of a case Conduct legal research Organize and maintain documents Gather and arrange evidence Write reports for lawyers Draft correspondence and legal documents […]


5 Portable Military Spouse Jobs

The work life of a military spouse can be a disjointed mess. Moving every few years certainly does nothing for your career. Wouldn’t it be great if your job could move with you, wherever you go? Plenty of military wives and husbands think so, and these folks are driving the trend toward portable military spouse […]


Medical Office Specialist Class

Would you believe that this course only takes nine short months to complete? It targets the budding professional who will take a medical office specialist class to earn the prestigious CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistants) certification. By undergoing this testing via the National Health Career Association, you differentiate yourself from the numerous job candidates that […]