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Special Tax Considerations for Military Families

There is no question that active-duty military families have unique tax challenges. Military members and their families should be aware throughout the year of how federal tax rules to them. Even more crucially, families must keep complete records including an organized collection of accounts with all proper receipts and paperwork. Below are some of the […]


What is OPSEC?

Would you tell a stranger on the street that you were home alone?  Would you walk up to a member of a terrorist organization and tell them where your deployed service member is or their exact movements?  Of course you wouldn’t because that would violate your personal sense of security or the safety of your […]


What is PERSEC?

What is PERSEC? As military families we hear a lot of Operational Security for our service members however often forget about our personal security.  PERSEC stands for personal security. Service members and military family should be careful to not post personal information anywhere on the internet, especially an address, phone number, workplace, etc. Post as […]


Beating the Autumn Blues

Time change always throws me off!  The sun going down before dinner time, the overcast days and lack of our summer sun are difficult to overcome.  I find myself wanting to curl up on the couch eating lots of cup o’ soup, Halloween candy and watching the beginnings of Christmas movies. How to beat autumn […]