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Beating the Autumn Blues

Time change always throws me off!  The sun going down before dinner time, the overcast days and lack of our summer sun are difficult to overcome.  I find myself wanting to curl up on the couch eating lots of cup o’ soup, Halloween candy and watching the beginnings of Christmas movies. I have found a […]


How to Find Your Basic Allowance for Housing

The Basic Allowance for Housing is the equitable housing compensation active duty military members receive when on-base housing is not available at their U.S. duty station. The purpose of the allowance is to assist military members to afford housing at their duty station without undue financial stress. The amount of BAH is not calculated to equal the […]


You have PCS orders... Now what?

Just when it starts to feel like home it’s time to move again. Being a military family means you move around a lot. Moving does not have to cause hair pulling anxiety and nail biting stress! Here are just a few tips to help you and your family have a smoother PCS move. Do your research. Moving […]


5 Tips for Military Spouse Moms Returning to the Virtual Classroom

The sacrifices you make for your country and family are undeniable, and you’ve decided that it’s time to do something for you. Congratulations on taking a huge step toward achieving you dream career. Despite the difficulties the military lifestyle presents, Military Spouses from coast to coast are defining their idea of success every single day. […]


Get Your Ultimate PCS Military Move Guide for Any Military Spouse

The Ultimate PCS Military Move Guide for Any Military Spouse PCS, or a Permanent Change of Station, is a stressful time in any military family’s life. Sometimes, marriages crumble during this time. Don’t let the stress, insecurity and hard work endanger your family’s harmony. Above all, stick together! Sometimes, your destination will be a place […]