Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base is one of the most strategic and important  marine bases in US. It is situated across the Pacific Ocean and located in  between San Diego and Los Angeles. The actual distance of Camp Pendleton from  San Diego is about 48 miles. This base acts as a primary amphibious and marine  training base. Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Pendleton, was built during WWII. Marines from Pendleton have proudly participated in each major military action since its founding.

History of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

During World War 2, US military formed Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in the  year 1942. In the year 1944, it was declared as a Permanent Installation.  During 1946, this base was converted into the main marine base and it became  the First Marine Division’s home. The first initiation of creating a marine  base across the west coast was taken by Mr. Joseph Henry Pendleton. So this  Marine Corps Base was named after this Marine General. Recently it has become  one of the strongest marine bases across US due to I Marine Expeditionary Force  as well as other important training commands.

Camp Pendleton

MCB Camp Pendleton Facilities

Other Interesting Facts About Camp Pendleton

The actual geographic area of this Marine base is very vast and it spans over  126,000 acres of rolling hills. It has got around 17 miles of seashore which is  usually used for amphibious and  marine training. The major area of the base is  situated at the southeastern end and remote northern interior part is used as a  training area. The daytime population of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base is  around 100,000. The field training is provided on Edson Range which is usually lasts for 30  days. This training is given to the new recruits from Marine Corps Recruit  Depot of San Diego. When these recruits graduate from their respective boot  camps, they take further training at Camp Pendleton’s School of Infantry.  Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base acts as an important training bridge between  San Diego base and Orange County base.

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