Anniston Army Depot

Anniston Army DepotLet’s take a look at the various military installations in the US and around the world. If your family or spouse are stationed at Anniston Army Depot, please leave comments about your experience or anything that can help future military wives as they transfer the area.

Anniston Army Depot (AnAd) is located in Bynum, AL. Bynum is a former census-designated place in Calhoun County. The census from the year 2000 showed the population was 1,863. Anniston employs over 2,000 people and covers 25 square miles of land. The area is now part of the city of Oxford. AnAd is munitions storage and maintenance center Tanks and other equipment are repaired and tested here, but historically Anniston’s main role has been as a major munitions storage site since WWII.

The Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) is one of our nation’s most critical installations ensuring that the Army is always battle ready. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Alabama, the Depot lies along Interstate 20, between Atlanta, 90 miles east and Birmingham, 60 miles west.

Called the “Tank Rebuild Center of the World,” the 3,400-strong facility is under the command of the US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (TACOM LCMC) and as such has several mission-critical roles:

  • Designated a Center of Excellence Facility for the M1 Abrams Tank and is a designated depot for repair of the M60 Patton tank; AVLB, M728, M88 Recovery Vehicles; and M551 combat vehicles. Anniston Army Depot is the only depot able to maintain both heavy- and light-tracked combat vehicles.
  • A major munitions depot
  • Final assembly, overhaul and reset for Stryker fighting vehicles
  • Small-arms overhaul/destruction facility for weapons including the Beretta M9 pistol, M16 rifle and M2 machine gun

Did You Know?

Anniston can be considered a “new city.” Founded in 1872 after the Civil War as a company town for the Woodstock Iron Company and cotton mill. The city opened to the public in 1883, attracting new industries, businesses, and citizens.

Nearby Talladega is home to the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. Visit to see speed record holding vehicles, antiques and don’t miss the Richard Petty Race Car Simulator. The facility is next to the Talladega Superspeedway.

Life at Anniston Army Depot

In spite of its outsized importance, ANAD is a small military facility without the military support infrastructure of larger bases. The workforce at ANAD has much more civilian than military personnel. Because of the small military presence, active-duty military and their families live “on the economy” in the Anniston, AL area.

Civilian Employment Opportunities

To find current job openings at ANAD, visit the USA Jobs website. Following the link, choose a posting that is the best fit for your skills. To find a vacancy at Anniston Army Depot, use keyword “SCAH.” To include tenant organizations, search instead by location “Anniston, Alabama.”

Education While Stationed at Anniston Army Depot

The unemployment rate in Anniston is a bit higher than the national average. For excellent career training leading to a better job, take advantage of the DoD MyCAA scholarship. These courses, which can be taken online, can lead to well-paying jobs transitioning to new posts. Military Spouse Program is a resource of Brighton College. Our education advocates are real military spouses who will explain the MyCAA scholarship program to you and let you know your options. Fill out the form now.

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