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50 Beautiful Military Spouse Blogs

We’ve compiled 50 milspouse blogs that we think you will absolutely love. Here they are in no particular order. They are full of stories, resources and a sense of community. Check them out and tell us what you think!

Mal Smiles

Mal Smiles: Mal’s healthy and happy life makes for a fun read, for sure. If nothing else, give her adorable love story a read!

Jo My Gosh

Jo My Gosh: We recommend you start reading this blog for the same reason Jo started writing it- the care packages. Jo offers great content on creating that special something. But don’t stop there! Stick around for more DIY tips and tales of military life.

Cosmopolitan cornbread-blog

Cosmopolitan Cornbread Army Wife of 25+ years and veteran blogger. Anywhere Constance goes, she chronicles her journey with her readers – from creating family-friendly recipes and hiking in the wilderness of Alaska to photographic journeys and exploring the culture and food scene around her.


Jessica Lynn Writes: Established for more than a decade, Jessica Lynn Writes is a lifestyle blog for the 20 and 30-something woman looking for a real-life glimpse into the world of someone she can relate to. As a mom to two girls, I chat about pregnancy and parenthood (the good, the bad, and the laughable), good eats, globetrotting around the world, the life of a military wife, and much more.

Making it Home

Making it Home: Trisha is the DIY queen of the military wives. We love to scour through her tutorials for fun projects!

Munchkins and Military

Munchkins and Military: Alex’s blog is a great insight to a stay at home mom and military wife. Check it out for great tips, tricks and giveaways!


Marry-Mint: Amanda may not talk about military life a lot, but that doesn’t make her blog or life boring in the least! Follow along with her blog to see how she grows as a mom, wife, and melanoma survivor.

Domesticated Combat Boots

Domesticated Combat Boots: Hana is not only a military spouse, she is also a former SSgt of Marines. Follow her blog as she shares her beautiful life with the world!

My Crazy Life as a Navy Wife

My Crazy Life as a Navy Wife: Lashon is a Navy veteran as well as a Navy wife! Her fantastic blog is all about letting God guide her through her “crazy” life!

Going Green Journey

Going Green Journey: Check out Lauren’s awesome blog and have an honest conversation about what’s it like being an army wife!

A Day in the Life of an Officer’s Wife

A Day in the Life of an Officer’s Wife: Shannon’s experience as a wife to a Naval Officer, a mother to a little girl, and their day-to-day life as a military family makes for a beautiful blog.

World Traveling Military Family

World Traveling Military Family: This family is constantly on their toes and we love it! Follow their travels and get some tips on what it’s like to move all over the world as a military wife.

Somewhere Over the Camo

Somewhere Over the Camo: Amanda is here for other military spouses and we love that. Her blog details her family life and also has a lot to offer to others.


The Coastie Couple: Coast Guard – My husband and I blog together about our military adventures.

pcs proof

PCS Proof your career: Blog about portable careers for military spouses!

navy mom

The Navy Mom: The goal of this site is help you find adventure, fun and friends amongst all of the challenges of military life.

Seeing Sunshine-150x150

Seeing Sunshine: Seeing Sunshine is a place where I share my life – my struggles and joys, as well as my faith, marriage, and military life – all while reminding myself and my readers to see the sunshine. I believe seeing the sunshine is about being positive and recognizing God’s blessings – even the most minuscule of them or on the hardest days to do so.


Military Bridge: We are an online resource that connects America’s military to the best in their community from Where To Live, To Best Schools, To Military-Friendly Businesses and Services, and Local/National Military Discounts/Appreciation Offers.

hippy milspouse

The Hippy Milspouse: I share my Korean adventures, green living tips, recipes, with some military spouse stuff too. Here you will find an alternative point of view. A liberal point of view. A feminist point of view.


Written by Jennifer: I blog about my life as a military spouse, parent, writer, and living with anxiety. I also share humorous stories and thoughts because life shouldn’t be so serious.


The Meat and Potatoes Life: My weekly blogs/columns offer an honest, often humorous, look at military family life — from the daily minutia to the poignant moments, and every dust bunny, sassy teenager, and burnt pancake in between.


Ech and Will: Hi! I’m Joslin (aka Ech) and he’s Cass (aka Will). I’m the blogger, he’s the Airman. We’re currently stationed at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. I blog about the military lifestyle, books, our travels, and everything in between.


Sunflowers Plus Love: Sunflowers & Love is an Army Wife’s blog about travel across Europe and the United States, Military life and advice, cooking, and personal experiences.

Living in Bliss: Living in Bliss documents the time spent at our first duty station together and also serves as an outlet to discuss my thoughts and feelings about a variety of topics. I’ve also focused on pregnancy loss, infertility, and finding strength and holding onto hope in the midst of it all. Follow me through my adventures as not only a military spouse, but also as one simply trying to find her place in the world!

The Military Wife and Mom: “Lauren is the author behind The Military Wife and Mom, where she writes about her crazy parenting adventures, discovering happiness in motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life. She spends her days drinking coffee while chasing two kids around the house. Hang around her blog for a bit and join the fun!”

Anna Blanch: “Parent involvement in education is like the frosting on a cupcake, it makes it complete and oh so sweet.”
Semper fi family

Adventures of a Semper Fi Family: Hello, my name is Nicole and I write at Adventures of a Semper Fi Family blog. This blog documents the adventures of our Marine family on the West Coast of our family of five. In our last years of military life, we are soon to impart on an East Coast adventure. After 17 years of California living, things are about to get interesting!
  • Army Wife 101: Krystal runs a fantastic blog and resource site for military spouses. You can easily lose yourself for hours in the amount of great content posted to her site!
  • Tater Twins: Jayme is a stay at home mom who has a lot to offer. Lucky for you, she shares it all on her blog! In between stories of her rollercoaster life, she shares recipes, craft ideas, blogging tips and more.
  • Bebeh Blog: You’ll get a kick out of Suzanne’s charm as well as her beautiful photography. Her blog is bound to inspire you to spend some time with your family.
  • Soldier’s Wife Crazy Life: Think you have a crazy life? Then you’ll fit right in on Julie’s blog. If you are looking for advice- she has plenty, with topics ranging from being a mom to a special needs child, military life, and more!
  • Hiccups and Sunshine: Kelly knows what’s up when it comes to natural parenting. Visit her blog for fun tips and stories about natural parenting and military life.
  • Big Blueberry Eyes: Michelle runs a great blog from the perspective of a former military brat turned military wife.
  • The Professional Army Wife: Rachel runs a blog that offers insight into her fun life as well as tips for military spouses. She has some great advice for those looking to work from home. What can we say? She’s a pro.
  • Happy, Fit Navy Wife: Between being a mom and a military wife, who has time to get fit? Heather does and she’s here to help you on your road to healthy, happy living.
  • Troop Petrie: Pamela’s blog follows her life as a military wife and mother of seven. She offers a beautiful peek into her life by sharing the letters she writes to her husband!
  • More Ramblings of a Marine Wife: Kara has a great amount of information and experiences being a Marine wife and mother of 2 in Okinawa, Japan. Check out her beautiful blog for some fun stories and great information!
  • Many Waters: Poekitten has some great stories to share from her home in Puget Sound. You’ll find recipes, resources, anecdotes and more on her site!
  • Life in Cadence: If you’re wondering what Elizabeth loves, just visit her blog! There’s a good chance that you’ll love a lot of the same things as this bibliophile military wife.
  • Incredible Dash: Cat is not only a military wife, but a mother who homeschools. Talk about a busy life! Check out her adventures.
  • The Samantha Show: Samantha is one fashionable military wife! Check her out as she blogs about military life, parenting and more!
  • Budget Loving Military Wife: If you are a military wife who is looking to save money, Nichole has the blog for you. Learn to lead a military family life…on a budget!
  • All of the Pretty Things Here: This is not a blog to be missed! “Breanne writes about her experiences with being a military spouse, recovering from Anorexia and raising her two dogs and two cats. “
  • Fractured Fairy Tale: Alana is a Marine wife and stay at home mom who loves to share her journey through her blog. Check her blog out to see her check things off of her “adventure to-do” list!
  • Just Mildly Medicated: We love Just Mildly Medicated. Follow along in the shoes of a military wife and stay at home mom with chronic illness.
  • The Ross Family: Rachel’s blog is dedicated to her experiences with her Air Force pilot, Brian, her two children, Brady and Layla, her fur kid Rascal, and the wild ride that is military life.
  • The Adventures of Penelope and Oliver: This is a blog dedicated to the Parrish family – written by Sara, she talks about her marriage to her military husband, her children, and their everyday life as a growing family.
  • Whimsical September: Readers can find a whole military section on my blog which includes information about our three deployments, two pregnancies (during deployments), buying and renting homes, and so much more!
  • Hope Griffin: Finding joy every day.
  • Happy Fit Navy Wife: Military life and parenting.
  • TT Robinson: Deployment Diary for the New York Times.
  • In-Dependent: We blog about health, fitness, nutrition and wellness for military spouses.
  • The Direction Diva: Blog that deals with reducing stress, calming chaos and life balance as well as tips aND strategies for the milspouse solo-preneur!
  • Preschool 2 Teen: Blog about self esteem, antibullying and educational tools.
  • Reluctant Landlord: Real Estate investment.
  • Singing Through the Rain: Encouragement for marriage, motherhood and military life.
  • 1200 Miles Away: Long Distance Love and Geo Bachelor life in the military (as an Air Force wife).
  • Mommy Travels: Destinations around the world
  • The Paisley Olive: Laurie is a Marine Corps wife and mom to daughter Olive. She blogs about travel & lifestyle overseas. As an ACE certified Health Coach and Yoga instructor she loves to share healthy recipes & workouts with her readers too.
  • Dogtags & Heels: Air Force Wife – Mommy, military and health and fitness.
  • She is Fierce: Army Wife life
  • Aiming High Wife: Air Force blog is a military lifestyle blog.
  • Camo Love: National Guard and remote living and lifestyle.
  • Passionate Curiosity: All about “life and learning on the Homefront”- homeschooling, parenting as a military family. Lots of travel with kids content.
  • Homefront United: We close the gap between active and guard/reserve community.
  • Semi-Delicate balance: Blog about marriage, military life, parenting, and other lifestyle posts.
  • High Heels & Combat Boots: Blog about married life, military life, and everything in between. Currently my blog consists of a lot of long distance relationship posts as my husband is stationed overseas.
  • It’s Not ME, You Suck: Married to a USMC reservist. The Good, the Bad, the weird the unfortunate and of course the ugly.
  • MilKids Education: Blog aimed at the teachers and parents of military children. I provide timely insights into the traditional K-12 education experiences, as well as tips/advice about common questions like: special ed services, common core, standardized testing, classroom management, parent/teacher communication, and more.
  • I Do And Adieu: My crash course in becoming a USMC Wife.

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